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Put Pit Bull Nation in every library!

Imagine if every community had access to this wonderful book with real stories about saved death row dogs.

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    Director Reunion Rescue and author Pit Bull Nation. Reunion Rescue is the world's only raw feeding…Read More

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Cindy Marabito
Cindy Marabito Campaign leader

This is the story of the beginnings of Reunion Rescue, fighting breed specific legislation and mass-extermination at San Francisco Animal…Read More

Saving Pit Bulls from the Death Chamber

Saving Pit Bulls from the Death Chamber Cindy Marabito is the director of Reunion Rescue, a nonprofit organization that saves pit bulls from execution, arranges obedience training and matches the misunderstood dogs with loving, responsible adopters. I interviewed the passionate savior in her Ingleside District backyard, which is layered with…Read More