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Help earthquake survivors.

Survivors need immediate international support after the devastating earthquakes in Ecuador, Japan, Myanmar, & Vanuatu.

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A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck Italy on Wednesday. So far more than 160 people have died and at least 368 were injured, but rescuers are…Read More

Italy earthquake leaves 159 dead; towns ruined

In one such rescue, shown on CNN affiliate Sky TG24, a firefighter in Amatrice clawed at the rubble, trying to get to a little girl. He pulled back bricks and other debris as his co-workers and other men leaned in. Suddenly there was a foot, and leg, then the other leg. In the video, a man seems to be talking to the girl, as someone…Read More

Did you know 2 more earthquakes struck Ecuador recently? Read this article about what we are doing to help survivors.

Building New Horizons for a Family in Ecuador

GoAbroad Foundation
Building New Horizons for a Family in Ecuador Yet again Ecuador has been the victim of Mother Nature’s wrath, as two strong earthquakes struck near the nation’s coastline over the weekend. Though damage is suspected to be minimal and there are no reports of injuries yet, we can only begin to imagine the terror these quakes have sent…Read More

$3.3 Billion is needed to rebuild Ecuador, but the lives of locals will be forever changed. We have the power to help a family recover and…Read More

Ecuador earthquake reconstruction to cost $3.3B

QUITO, Ecuador, June 2 (UPI) -- Ecuador's government said it will cost at least $3.3 billion to reconstruct after the devastating earthquake in April that killed at least 663 people. Ecuador's National Planning and Development Secretariat Sandra Naranjo said the funds will be raised from international entities, the private sector and the public,…Read More
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