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The true enemy of the Republican party is Hillary Clinton.

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The polls show people just don't like Hillary Clinton. We can't let her reach the White House. #NeverHillary

Hillary Clinton Hits Historic Rock-Bottom In NBC/WSJ Poll - America Rising

America Rising
A new NBC/WSJ poll brings troubling news for Hillary Clinton’s struggling campaign.Clinton has lost eight of the last nine Democratic contests, and this new poll shows that her awful favorable/unfavorable numbers are largely to blame: “…a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds, with Hillary Clinton showing an especially steep decline over…Read More

As the Republican primary hurdles closer and closer to a nominee, many in Congress are starting to switch gears and looking toward the…Read More

Congressional GOP beginning to accept Trump as nominee

The Big Story
WASHINGTON (AP) — Congressional Republicans are beginning to accept, and even embrace, an outcome that was once unthinkable: Donald Trump as the GOP presidential nominee. In the wake of the businessman's commanding wins in five Eastern states this week, a growing number of lawmakers say that Trump is taking on an air of inevitability. Some argue…Read More