Clean water is

essential for human beings without it, we would die.  Water pollution is an increasing problem in today’s society due to an increase in waste of all descriptions.  I want to create awareness about water pollution in our waterways. The water pollution campaign is important because all people should be aware that with increased water pollution, marine life and humans are at a high risk.  I will be discussing three main aspects of water pollution in the world we live in. The first of these is the water pollution in our waterways across the world which is affecting marine life and secondly, I am talking about the sewerage that is being dumped in our oceans, rivers and lakes across the world. This a huge problem because it makes humans and marine life really sick which can cause death. The last topic is the effects of the water pollution crisis on humans in China.

Pollution in our waterways is caused by people that are throwing away rubbish wherever they want, which is having a huge impact on the waterways. Rubbish is often thrown on the street which ends up in the stormwater drains which then ends up in the waterways when it rains. Plastic waste is a major water pollutant which causes huge destruction to marine life and is believed to be responsible for the death of more than 100,000 sea mammals, sea birds and various types of fish across the world. According to the Environment Protect Agency (EPA), between 1% and 11% of all marine life has succumbed to extinction every year of the 40-year-period between 1975 and 2015.  The marine life is also affected by the waste humans throw into the ocean such as the fishing line or the nets that get lost out at sea or the plastics bags which often affect the turtles because turtles will mistake them for jellyfish which is one of their main food sources. As plastic breaks down, the chemicals in the plastic are released.  These have a negative impact on both humans and animals, having an impact on the endocrine system—the carefully balanced set of hormones and glands that affect almost every organ and cell in the body.  Dolphins, whales and sharks are highly affected by the nets and fishing line which strangles the sea life or stop them from moving if they get caught in a nets.  In Australia, the Queensland government has recognised how destructive single use plastic bags are to the marine environment.  They are currently looking at a ban of these items. Plastic and other forms of pollution are devastating the environment and destroying it slowly as time continues.  Not only does plastic affect waterways, so does sewerage. 

Sewerage is another huge problem in our waterways because of the chemicals and disease that are carried with the sewerage. This is a major problem because it affects the sea life and can make people really sick or even lead to diseases like cancer. This is a huge problem because it will eventually stop people from swimming in the water and sea life could die. If the water goes through the water line it can contaminate the pure water people get in there homes. Each year 1.2 trillion gallons of untreated sewerage stormwater and industrial waste are dumped into U.S waters.  It’s not only the marine life that is at risk from water pollution-recent studies have linked water contamination with so called ‘’cancer villages’’ in China.

It is estimated that China has 459 cancer villages where cancer death rates are far higher than the national average. China’s rapid economic growth has come at a massive cost to people’s health and cancer mortality rates have risen 80% over the past 30years, making it the country main cause of death. In cities the toxic air is suspected to be the main cause and in the country’s side it is the water. There are countless stories of people suffering with all kinds of cancer in the villages but it’s hard to prove the link scientifically.

Water quality affects our planet in many ways and if we fail to pay attention to what is going on we face an uncertain future. Marine life is at risk, because of the waste we produce along with the nets. Fishing lines, plastic bags and poor management-these are all problems relating to water pollution. We need to really think carefully about the decisions that we are making as a society, we need governments to listen to the voice of the people who are telling them the facts about pollution. There is a green way to go about doing things that will improve conditions for all. The risks of doing nothing are too great.

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