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trent james
trent james Campaign leader

People need to read this article because it has really strong points on why we should keep our waterways clean. It also tells you how it’s…Read More

80 Percent Of Indian Sewage Flows Untreated Into Country's Rivers

The Huffington Post
Eighty percent of sewage in India is untreated and flows directly into the nation's rivers, polluting the main sources of drinking water, a study by an environment watchdog showed Tuesday. Indian cities produce nearly 40,000 million litres of sewage every day and barely 20 percent of it is treated, according to "Excreta Does Matter", a new…Read More
trent james
trent james Campaign leader

In this article it discusses how bad China’s waterways are and how their water pollution is killing people and destroying the environment.…Read More

Water Pollution in China

Greenpeace East Asia
China is facing a water crisis. Its per capita water supply is significantly lower than the global average, but its demand for water is astronomical. Both industry and agriculture use massive amounts of water – and create massive water pollution. Over the last three decades, China has transformed from impoverished farming-reliant country to the…Read More
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