My goal is to stop animal abuse in entertainment such as zoos, circuses and hunting. The issue is the animals are being fed drugs, being abused and hurt to entertain us, taken from their home and worse being killed. Animals deserve to be happy with their family out in the wild where they belong.

Circus training for animals are often brutal and dangerous. Training methods can include using beating clubs, electrics and deprivation of food.

Frustrated by years of beatings, bull hooks, and shackles, some elephants snap. In more than 35 dangerous incidents since 2000, elephants have bolted from circuses, crashed into buildings, attacked members of the public, and killed and injured handlers.

Less than 10% of the animal exhibitors are licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture are accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums! An accreditation mean official recognition and approval of an exhibitor by experts.

Using animals in entertainment spectacles means removing animals from their natural habitat, keeping them in confined cages, engaging them in unnatural behaviour all for human amusement.

Change is needed because animal numbers will keep dropping
and animals don’t deserve to be mistreated, beaten and have unhealthy lives just for humans to get a few short minutes of entertainment.

"People's traditional expectation of zoos is that they see lions
and tigers and elephants. But it's also their expectation that an animal has a good life.” This quote is saying we want to much we  either see the animals who deep down are miserable so were not happy because they are abused or we don’t see them in zoos and their happily with their family in the wild.

Most people love zoos and see them as happy places but Elephants can live 70 years or more in the wild, but 40 or 45 is old for a captive elephant. Moving them now gives them a chance to live long, healthier lives." If we move and stop animals such as elephants out of captivity they will live longer, healthier and happier with their families.

We need to stop keeping animals in captivity who are living shorter and miserable lives just for us to get a short time of entertainment in the zoo or circus. Animals are bring injured or killed to give us a short time of joy that we don’t need. Please support my campaign, sign the petition and take the pledge.

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