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As it stands, the request of Shinnecock people to pay nonresident fees of $40 per day or $225 per summer to reasonably access any such body of water located within our original territory, today known as the Town of Southampton N.Y., effectively ensures our exclusion from Village and Town beaches.

As it stands, such a policy has never in history been discussed with or agreed to by the Shinnecock people.

As it stands, the precedence to substantiate such a policy has not been consistently or equitably enforced by Coopers Beach parking attendants that have knowingly allowed Shinnecock people to park for free; or by Village and Town courts that have been known to acknowledge Shinnecock residency as reasonable dismissal for parking violations.

Whereby, this new and divisive interpretation of Village and Town policy that suddenly requires Shinnecock people to pay to access the same waters that have sustained our people since time immemorial only serves as a form of economic discrimination and a further disruption to our cultural continuity as People of the Stony Shore, which in effect is a direct violation of our rights as Indigenous people.

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