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owen webb
owen webb Campaign leader

This article is about the real life struggle of the workers who work on the palm oil farms. The work they are forced to do each day even if…Read More

Palm oil – share your stories, ideas and experiences with us #palmoil

the Guardian
For the last year, Guardian Sustainable Business has delved into the world of palm oil with our palm oil debate series – now we want to hear from you. Whether you work in the palm industry, you study the commodity, you campaign on it or you’re simply interested, we want to hear your stories. Related: From rainforest to your cupboard: the…Read More
owen webb
owen webb Campaign leader

The main purpose of this article is to get the local people to stop burning down the rainforests and land so that they can plant there palm…Read More

Stop Burning Rain Forests for Palm Oil

Scientific American
In the Tripa forest in Indonesia's Aceh province, the rare Sumatran orangutans were dying. Flames devoured the trees, smoke filled the air and the red apes had nowhere to go. The fires had been set intentionally, to clear the land for planting oil palms—trees whose fruit yields palm oil, a widely used component of biofuels, cosmetics and food.…Read More
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