One of the biggest issues the modern world is elephant

poaching, they get hunted for their tusks. This issue is known as the ivory trade. The ivory trade is when a group of poachers go hunt to kill elephants for their ivory not only is it elephants, it’s also rhino’s, walrus’ and African plus Asian Elephants. Poaching is when the animal or victim are being hunted to be killed for something of their parts. They rang throughout sub Saharan Africa and the rain forests of central and West Africa. The continent’s southernmost elephants are found in Mali’s Sahel Desert. There is an estimated to be around 450,000 to 700,000 elephants to be left in Africa. This issue is important because the African elephants have been on earth for longer them humans, It’s important because it will eventually come to an end and leading towards extinction. This issue for the ivory trade needs to be stopped, it is not fair.

African elephants have been hunted for several centuries. Ever since the 1970’s hunting for ivory has become bigger and bigger each year. In 2013, there were at least 20,000 African elephants killed work-wide by poachers. Poachers go out hunting for elephants because it gives them big profits, so they capture, kill, cut and then then trade in the ivory for cash. They do these jobs because it pays well for them and they can support their family needs. Up to 1 thousand poachers have been killed in the past 10 years by hunting. It also happens to be that their fellow crew members kill one another for a bigger profit.

African elephants have been mostly found in the rainforest of West Africa and throughout sub Saharan Africa. They are being poached because of their incredibly white strong tusks. Tusks are used for decretive items such as piano keys. These tusks get sent and sold around the world but in some countries they are banned so they will crush or burn them. Poaching is highly illegal, if poachers get caught with ivory them and they are either burned or crushed so that way there’s no money to be made. Poachers get the elephants because their ivory is worth a lot of money, going up to $1000 per pound. The poachers kill and get the ivory to make a trade for money, leaving them with a lot of profit. It is estimated that an elephant is killed every 15 minutes in Africa. A group of hunters poach the elephant 1 at a time and work together as a group.

One day, elephants will end up becoming extinct. We need to stop the poaching now. Elephants will become extinct, one they are gone there’s nothing we can do to fix it. It’s hard enough for female elephant to fall pregnant and have the calf is born, without them being killed just for a tusk simply because poachers can’t fine another profession to do other than killing elephants for their ivory. Poaching needs to stop because what is the point? If they get caught it ends up being destroyed so it can’t be sold.

Is there a need to keep killing elephants for ivory? Can’t we just use plastics? Now days we have an invention called plastics, it’s so much better, can look better and is much cheaper. You don’t have to go out hunting all day to kill an elephant to make a little bit of money. Plastic isn’t illegal, it can save fines and deaths from happening.

The African laws for poaching are not adequate enough to stop this from happening. If poachers get caught for ivory, all that happens is they get the pinched properties taken from them and they get rumpled or burned. All the poachers think is what will the worst thing that can happen? Nothing’s going to happen to them physically, so why does it matter? They only lose the tusks that they have worked for. Poachers need to be more punished by the African Laws, like death sentencing or jai for a covered time. This needs to be stopped for good, the only way it will only really happen is by punishing the poachers, then the poachers think well it’s not worth it.

The goal of this campaign is to stop the poaching for ivory, it is a sick and horrible act to do. Poachers should have to face penalties like jail or a death sentence for animal abuse. Even though ivory is up for a huge market it still should not be done. Elephants are easy to target for poachers to get to, all it takes is a few shots from an automatic weapon. This needs to be stopped before African elephants go extinct.

The identified actions like jail or death sentencing are needed to help the problem because it can make a big difference over a matter of time.

By supporting this action you can make a difference to the appalling problem of ivory trade, stop buying things that are made out of tusks that way poachers won’t have anything to go out and hunt for more ivory.

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