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Demand Justice for Honduran Activist: Berta Cáceres

In defense of the tragic assassination of Berta Cáceres it is time for Secretary of State John Kerry to take action

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https://medium.com/invironment/berta-c%C3%A1ceres-flores-assassination-dfd8c0f87985#.irqca66qi I'm on the board of the Rainforest…Read More

Berta Cáceres Flores Assassination — invironment

From the COPINH Denunciation linked above, we hear more about Gustavo Castro Soto: The Honduran state has prohibited Gustavo Castro Soto — who was a witness to the murder and also received a gunshot injury during the attack — from leaving the country. Gustavo is the Coordinator of Other Worlds/Friends of the Earth Mexico. He has already given his…Read More