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Call my congressmen and demand they vote YES on the USA Freedom Act (H.R. 3361)

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How this will help

Call your Elected Officials Today!

As we speak hundreds of millions of pieces of personal information and data are being collected by the NSA without cause or consent. The NSA has been illegally tracking your phone calls, text messages, and emails in direct violation of your privacy and the Constitution.

In an effort to fight back several lawmakers have sponsored legislation known as the USA Freedom Act (H.R. 3361). If passed, the USA Freedom Act is our best hope to limit the power of the NSA and protect our private information from unlawful searches.

Your Representative needs to hear directly from you. Tell them why you want them to vote Yes on the USA Freedom Act.

Step 1 – Find your representatives

To find your Representative please click here and enter your zip code. Your representative's name and contact information will be provided.

Step 2 – Make the call

Here's what to say on the call:


I am a constituent of (insert Representative's name) from (insert city and state), and I'm calling to ask him/her to take action against masssurveillance by the NSA. I'd like him/her to support and co-sponsor the USA Freedom Act.

If passed, the USA Freedom Act would:

End Bulk Collectionof American's Phone Records Reform the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Increase transparency and protect the privacy of innocent civilians

I have the right to basic privacy guaranteed to me under the 4th Amendment of the Constitution. Please do the right thing and vote YES on the USA Freedom Act

Step 3 – Report back

It is important to report back to our community that you made the call. What was their response? Did they promise they would vote yes? Were they open to your comments? Your feedback is extremely important and will give us an incredible amount of intel to decide our next move.

Report back by clicking here.


To summarize, here are the 3 things we need you to do: 

  1. Click the green "Pledge" button above and invite your friends to join you. (We need to know that you have made the commitment to make phone calls!) 
  2. Click here  to find your Representative and his/her phone number. 
  3. Report back on how the call went here.

Thank you for your continued fight for privacy! 

For Freedom,



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