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Call ICE to stop deportations. Count me in.

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How this will help

Your phone calls matter.

Help keep families together by pledging to be on our Stop Deportations 'phone tree'. We will send action alerts about individuals in danger of deportation, and the phone numbers of ICE offices you can call to keep up the pressure against separating families.

Thank you.

One Victory So Far!

Our calls helped keep Raul with his son.

Raul is a loving single-father of a 9-year-old U.S. Citizen. He has lived in the Arizona since 1997. He has worked really hard all of these years to see his son go to school. Raul's dream is to see his son go to college. 

In 2008, on a workday, Raul was a passenger in a mini bus that they use for work and got pulled over. He was arrested for not being able to give a valid I.D. He has no criminal record, and his only family in the U.S. is his son.

Raul won prosecutorial discretion from ICE so that he is not deported and that he continues to be the sole support for his son


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