Sharing the Arts for the Holidays

'Tis the season, and California Ballet Company is doing their part to give. This year we are partnering with the Emilio Nares Foundation to bring children with cancer to The Nutcracker. For those of you who don't know, the Emilio Nares Foundation (ENF) is an…Read More

Starting a new year, educating in schools!

Hello Causes family! It's that time of year: a new season is starting! Kids are going back to school, company dancers are working hard to make sure they're in peak shape, new shows are being lined up, and we're gearing up to spread the fine arts through our…Read More

Director Maxine Mahon at the Miss California Pageant!

Here's a fun little tidbit for all of our Cause members. As we've mentioned before, California Ballet prides itself on being an active part of the California community. Outreach programs, professional performances, civic festivals, school lectures, we do it…Read More

All School Concert and 2010-2011 Membership Drive

Last weekend the students of the California Ballet School performed their annual All School Concert. This year the production was "A Century of Dance". If you were able to make it, you know how wonderful the show was. If not, that's really unfortunate, the…Read More

Upcoming Events for California Ballet Company

We are currently in our off-season, so events will be few and far between until the official start of our 43rd season. There will, nonetheless, be events happening all throughout the summer, so we'd like to keep all of our Cause members up-to-date. **Next…Read More

California Ballet Company Update

Well, our Chopin Tribute has come and gone! It was a beautiful performance. The turnout was great, the dancing was amazing, the live piano performances were dynamic! We hope you were able to join us. If you missed it, that's a shame. It was a wonderful…Read More

Chopin Tribute on May 1, 2010! ! !

It's great to see people are still active with this cause after three weeks! The final tally for the Season 43 fundraiser is not yet available because donations keep trickling in through the mail! It is truly humbling to see how much people love and support…Read More
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