Caleb Wright Wisdom Foundation

Seemingly, when fb got rid of "Causes", they also dumped Caleb Wright Wisdom Foundation's 200+ fans. Please go to our page and 'like', if you are following our work in Southern Ethiopia, and are so inclined. ~ Much love, Kellie

Riding the Idol wave….

Please consider making a (now tax deductable) donation to Caleb Wright Wisdom Foundation , We work directly with families in Awassa, Ethiopia.

Caleb's Birthday- What is Love Give Away!!!!

In celebration of Caleb’s birthday we are having a give away! Enter to win an 11 inch stuffed teddy bear wearing an adorable Caleb Wright Wisdom Foundation logo t-shirt. This guy is super cute, and just in time for the holiday season! The contest will begin…Read More

501(c)(3) = check!!!!

We are VERY excited to announce that Caleb Wright Wisdom Foundation has received it’s determination letter from the IRS. We are now, officially, a Non Profit Corporation. Please remember us for your end of the year tax deductible donations. Thank you so much…Read More

Pen Pals

 Caleb Wright Wisdom Foundation is looking for children ages 9-14 that are interested in participating in a pen pal relationship with a student in Southern Ethiopia. For more information please send me a private message.   Kellie Wisdom Lock Cause Creator

Sample Application:

Dear Sir/madam, Thanking you so much for giving me chance to apply, I would like to write some details below that may give you some clues why I am eager to attend at E.A.F.School. Just a year before I was born, my father fired from the factory he had been…Read More

up and running......

Launch of new website……
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