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hi friends!

hi everyone, jst want to tell ya, diz cuase has been wonderfull in da past few months, its growin faster, n we have some great friends that sharin their little amount of $ from their income to support our cause! the cuase appreciated the donors and…Read More

plz:change da world jst by recruitin ur friends!!! ty "MO"

plz donate to my cause!!!

God bless you!

The poor shall eat and be saisfied; Those who seek him will praise the Lord. Let your heart live forever! Psalm 22:26 donate donate donate, help, help, help,...lets change the world by donating to UNICEF, Lets give the children a chance to go to school, and…Read More

plz everyone invite your friend!

hi everyone, thanx for joinin the cause! plz remember to invite your friends! if we have more than a thousand members, people will start donating money! its very simple, just click on INVITE! so don't forget! thank you! God bless you! ~MO~
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