10/01/10 - Update

Thank you one and all for the support with this cause. We initially set it up way back when we didn't have our own means to accept and take donations. Now we do http://shop.browncoatsmovie.com There you will be able to make donations and receive a DVD,…Read More

Donations and T-Shirts

Thank you one and all for your amazing support. We've raised $1,490 in just under a month and a half. That is great work and you should be very proud. I am going to ask one last thing of you, besides your continued support in promoting this cause. IF you…Read More

Browncoats: Redemption Cause Status Update

There's just a few days left in the America's Giving Challenge and to date, with your help, we've raised $1,075. The cause to get the most donations by Nov 6, 3:00pm ET will receive $50,000. So far the leading cause, OCEF (Overseas China Education…Read More

With your help...we ARE mighty!

"If you can't do something good, do something right." -Jayne, Serenity We entered our cause "Help Browncoats: Redemption" into the America's Giving Challenge! Our main reason for doing this was to help raise awareness for our project and raise the funds so…Read More

All right recruits

A Facebook cause is only as good as it's recruits and donations. We've reached 42 people in a very limited time with no publicity...because we all know each other. So what I'm going to ask of you is simple. I've started the pot off with $25. I'm not going to…Read More
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