My New Years Wish to You

May God Bless Everyone who has stood up for Jesus and joined this cause! It is truly amazing and heartwarming to see everyone who joins. Also Thank You to everyone who has signed the petition. If you have yet to sign please take a second to sign it. We are…Read More

Hark the Herald Angels sing...Glory to the Newborn King

A big Amen goes to the Brookville Commisioners and Town Attorney. The Nativity scene is still at the courthouse lawn and also there is one on display inside the courthouse. This small town has not yielded to the pressure of an outside force. Drew Dennis has…Read More

Merry CHRISTmas...Please pass on Petition link

Merry CHRISTmas and A Blessed New Year Everyone. Drew and I would like to Thank everyone who has joined this cause and also taken the time to sign the petition. The holidays are upon us and we pray that next year the Nativity Scene will return. This fight is…Read More

Save Brookville Indiana Courthouse Nativity Scene Cause and Petition

It is our right as a Nation/World Under God to stand up for our beliefs. 1 million strong against FFRF and any court in this Nation. Please I pray won't you sign the petition and stand up for Jesus Christ. Do not deny God or his son Jesus Christ whom died for…Read More

Sign the Petition - We Still Need Signers!

We are now approaching 7000 members of the Cause! However, we still only have 816 signers of the petition. If every member would just take a minute to sign the petition we would more than double our goal. We have signers from around the globe (Japan, Italy,…Read More

FFRF wants Nativity Scene removed before the end of the year

Yes, the subject line is correct. FFRF has contacted the town of Brookville again and informed them that the Nativity scene must be removed before the first of the year. I talked to the town's attorney Mr. Wilhelm's office this morning and told them about…Read More

4,000 Members Strong! And Sign the Petition!

We now have over 4,000 members of the Cause. Keep it up guys and keep recruiting! If you are a member of the Cause and you have not signed the petition yet, please do so here: If every member here can just take a minute to sign the…Read More
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