Tell every Wisconsinite you know: Safeguard the Guard!

TELL EVERY WISCONSINITE YOU KNOW: Tomorrow, we will all have a chance to stand up for the members of the Wisconsin Guard and the rule of law - and against endless war and empire. Can you stand with us? On Tuesday, March 9, the Wisconsin State Assembly's…Read More

2,000 members! Let's celebrate by . . .

. . . watching some movies! Today, Bring the Guard Home, It's the Law! hit 2,000 members on Facebook. To celebrate, we're releasing a film: "Who Decides About War?" Check it out: You…Read More

Live Streaming from the Who Decides About War

Check it out, right now. The Who Decides About War conference is live streaming:

Take action now: End the violence against the G20 protesters in Pittsburgh

LIBERTY TREE is gathering signatures for a new petition, "End the violence against the G20 protesters in Pittsburgh." We are trying to gather signatures by September 27, 2009. The petition will be delivered to President Barack Obama to urge immediate action…Read More

Who Decides About War?

Just ten days away . . . Georgetown Law School . . . if you can help it, don't miss it. You'll want to be a part of this.

Wanted: Kentucky National Guard contacts

If you know of someone associated with the KY National Guard, please followup with the reporter, below . . . Thank you. The Courier-Journal • June 24, 2009 Have you or a family member been deployed overseas more than once with the Kentucky National…Read More

July 4th is coming!

What are you doing for Independence Day? Contributing to the national campaign to Bring the Guard Home? That's what we thought. Thank you! Thank you for clicking on the Donate Now button. Thank you for telling everyone you know to do the same. What better…Read More
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