Results of the Polish Elections

16.495.045 people voted and they voted for: 1. PO 6.701.010 votes or 41.51% or 209 seats in the Sejm 2. PiS 5.183.477 votes or 32.11% or 166 seats in the Sejm 3. LiD 2.122.981 votes or 13.15% or 53 seats in the Sejm 4. PSL 1.437.638 votes or 8.91% or 31 seats…Read More

Vote - 2nd step of action

Make sure that you and ALL your relatives and friends turn out to vote on 21 October. If you think there is no one worth of voting for, YOU STILL HAVE TO SHOW UP AND VOTE! Because politics is often not about choosing between better v. worse, but between worse…Read More

Elections - 1st step of action

On 7 September Sejm will vote on the motion of early election. Watch it closely! If the vote is positive (it should be, PIS, PO, SLD, PSL stated they will support the motion) there will be elections on 21 October. Stay tuned.