Be Careful What You Ask For...

As I sit here on my bed, getting ready to write a post for you about something very important to me, hoping that I may find words, intent on somehow explaining for you the transformation that God has brought to our family, I already know…. I know that I will…Read More

One of the Crazies - Bring Love In

Before we left the states Jessie and I met with our good friend Clayton Butler for lunch and he told us something very wise, something that keeps resurfacing in my mind. I respect discerning friends like him, people who seem to have a knack for cutting…Read More

Real need

I can hardly find words to convey the things I have seen this week, its like the heavens are opening up and flooding onto the earth. This project that we are starting, the vision to help widows and orphans both… Its hitting a nerve here in the ground in…Read More

Widows & Orphans & You

Dear Friends, I can hardly believe it, but it has been two months since we last wrote you, at the time were sad to report that Drawn From Water was closing, something that none of us ever wanted to happen. Yet in that season God was tugging on our hearts,…Read More

Its Cause Day for!

Today is Cause Day! And our mission is simple; More Cause members = More orphans given a home. We are doing our best to reach 250 members by the end of the day.... Right now we are at 128. Will you help by inviting all of your friends to join the…Read More

Messy, yet beautiful

Your chance to help out with the planning of a new project to help care for the orphans of Ethiopia.

The Project is Officially Underway!

Be sure to hop over to the website to read all about the new orphanage project in Ethiopia that was officially launched today. And do what you can to spread the word about the cause. The more members, the more support the project will get, and…Read More
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