Thank you ALL

Quite awhile ago I managed to water my computer & I am just now trying to get back into the swing of all things (well, not all) internet again. Thank you to new members for taking the time to join and thank you to whomever helped pass our message on. HUGE…Read More

My sister now. . .

 Dear friends and supporters, I started this cause because of the people, especially young men & women, in my life who were diagnosed with breast cancer. Yes, men too. My best friend, my sister, was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer before the age…Read More

I'm sorry for not thanking each and every one of you personally

I have not updated Breast Cancer is Not Sexist in too long nor thanked new members. For that I am sorry. Thanks to people like you, the number of members has grown and the cause has been active. For that, I am beyond thankful. To see names of people that I…Read More

Will someone please help me......... lacking in techno smarts

I'm blessed with each of you and because of you all, more people join and become aware daily. I am only one person and I can only do so much but believe me.... I will do everything I can. I have been asking people to please become involved in this cause…Read More

Please do read: You are all Amazing.. . . Seriously amazing & Beautiful

Friends & a few strangers, all I have huge love & respect for and feel blessed with. I was just now looking over who joined Breast Cancer is not Sexist. I had no idea that people who are not even on my friends list had joined. YOU ROCK!!! Also, those…Read More

New photos of yesterday

Dear Friends, Again, thank you with all of my heart for joining. Some, well most of you, I haven't talked to in years or not often at all yet you took a moment to at least join and that means more than I can ever express. Yesterday I went to OHSU for my first…Read More

You all deserve big THANK YOUS

I apologize I haven't updated this in awhile. You all deserve personal thank you's for joining and helping me spread awareness. You will each get those even if it takes years. For now, I want to send this to let you all know that you simply taking a minute to…Read More
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