Mobile Book Library...

...with a difference. So we can reach very remote areas in Sierra Leone, we are launching the Mobile Libraries. Mobile libraries will be full of books that will be distributed by GSRMB volunteers. Our December Book Drive will push for books for this purpose.…Read More

Get Sierra Leoneans Reading More Books this Christmas

Our Cause continues to grow in numbers, thanks to each and everyone of you reading this bulletin right now. We're over one thousand two hundred, heading into 2011. Our goal together is to get Saloneans reading more, preferably books, but as long as they are…Read More

We are invited to take part in the "Founders of the Future" Global Summit

ALLFOUNDERS have a mission to get at least 50% of all graduates to choose to set up their own businessess instead of looking for jobs. The goals of the Summit are: 1. Inspire & Inform Founders & Inventors of the…Read More


Thanks to you all for joining Get Sierra Leoneans Reading More Books! Femi Anthony is the USA Coordinator and I just wanted to let him know that I appreciate all his hardwork in putting the Cause where it is today. Femi suggested we go mobile with out book…Read More

Book Tag Club

Hi to all of you! We're still saying thanks for joining Get Sierra Leoneans Reading More Books and helping the cause. We have an idea to discuss with you that we think will encourage wider reading of books in Sierra Leone. The idea is to tag a set number of…Read More


We are working on the new website for Get Sierra Leoneans Reading More Books. How can we improve it?

Xmas 2009 Book Drive

As membership swells past 750, I pause to say thanks to you all for your support of Get Sierra Leoneans Reading More Books. With the Xmas Book Drive, we are going to focus on the kids. We want to collect books suitable for kids under the age of 5 years old.…Read More
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