Program updates and your contribution

Hi Everyone, I hope you're all enjoying the finishing touches of summer 2009! Please read our August 2009 Program Updates here, if you haven't enjoyed reading them already: I also wanted to let…Read More

Bola Moyo in the Bay Area! - House Parties on Fri, July 24th and Sun, July 26th

We are very pleased to offer TWO unique opportunities to connect with Bola Moyo in the Bay Area in the coming weeks. Unique, you ask? Why yes! Due to some amazing technological advances, we can now introduce you face-to-virtual face with our friends in Malawi…Read More

Your donation at work in Malawi!

(check out: Thanks for being part of the Bola Moyo cause! Do you ever wonder what your monthly donation to Bola Moyo can do? These are just a few examples of your monthly donation “at…Read More

Bola Moyo's Summer Goal

Help us reach our summer online fundraising goal of $3,000 Bola Moyo seeks to sustain our grassroots education and empowerment programs in rural Malawi throughout the remainder of 2009 and into 2010. We also plan to expand to take volunteers in Africa. As…Read More

Volunteer in Africa in 2010 with Bola Moyo

Thank you for being part of the Bola Moyo cause! We are pleased to announce that we will offer some exciting volunteer opportunities in Malawi, southern Africa, in 2010. We are offering an organized tour of the beautiful country of Malawi, 2-3 weeks in…Read More

Celebrate "Better Life" and throw a Bola Moyo House Party!!!

Please find the announcement for our House Party campaign/contest…Read More
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