Drake's Mobil Gas Station on the corner of 80th and 22nd is allowing recall petitioners to collect signatures at their location. Please call them and let them know that you do not support them allowing recall petitions at their business: (262) 654-6040

Decline to Sign Training

There will be a training for volunteers on how to document and report recall activity as well as what you can do to help Senator Wirch avoid a recall. The training will be Thursday, March 31st at 6pm at the new office at 3203 Washington Rd. If you can make…Read More


Beware! Recall Wirch people are approaching people under the guise of "signing a petition to vote to keep the Senator we have"... trying to trick people who support Wirch into signing their petition.

Recall Petitioners

We've been getting reports of recall petitioners standing in the Target or Woodman's parking lots trying to collect signatures. If you see people out collecting signatures, please contact the "Decline to Sign" campaign at either [email protected]Read More

Prayer Vigil

On Thursday, March 24, CUSH will hold a Prayer Vigil for the State Budget on the steps of Beth Hillel Temple from 5:30 - 6:00 pm. Rabbi Dena Feingold will lead us in prayer. (more info below) Please plan on joining us!

the Supreme Court Race

Sign up to phone bank at home on the website Takes a minute to set up the account and then you can start calling from your home. How cool is that? Great for people to do that have a hard time leaving home for extended periods. Make…Read More

this saturday

Hey my fellow "wild" ones! This Saturday, we need as many people out to thwart the signature hunters. They are hunting now, because they can't find 'em. Where: 57th and 75th Street Time: 8:15 until 11 AM Bring your signs, bring your voices...let show these…Read More
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