Bob Marley movie 2012 trailer

Bob Marley Movie Trailer 2012 documents the life of Bob Marley with original footage and others that have not been seen before. Join Bob Marley Hero cause at

Cuban Book Fair Marley Tribute

Bob Marley concert tribute tomorrow (Friday, February 11) at Cuba's 21st annual international book fair.

Sculptured Marley

The University of Technology (UTech) unveiled a sculpture by Russian sculptor, Gregory Pototsky of Bob Marley at its Papine campus in St. Andrew, Jamaica, on February 6, Marley's 67th birthday.

Bob Marley in Nirvana's Studio

Bob Marley console at the heart of Nirvana's refurbished recording studio. Tell your friends to join the Bob Marley Hero cause.

Marley Land Rover Gets Make Over

Bob Marley's 1976 Series III Land Rover is on the move again. Check out the story at

Movement of Hollywood Actor's Marley Tattoo

Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg is about to remove his tattoos, including one showing a portrait of Bob Marley, to set a good example for his kids. Invite your friends to join this Bob Marley Hero group by sending them this link:…Read More

Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder Planned Martin Luther King Tour

Bob Marley was due to headline a tour with Stevie Wonder but had to postpone because his cancer.
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