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Dear Colleague, Happy New Year! Ode to Hope by Pablo Neruda "Oceanic dawn at the center of my life. … you fill me and flood the complete sea, the undimished sky, tempo and space, seafoam's white battalions, the orange earth, the sun's fiery…Read More

The Andros LIFE+Nature Project

The European Union (EU) Andros LIFE+ Nature project was specially designed to improve the conservation status of four priority avian species in the EU registered Special Protection Area (SPA) of Andros Island in the Northern Cyclades, Greece, located in the…Read More

Happy Holidays!

This Holiday Season let us celebrate love and the kind spirit that it brings! Many of us are going through some difficult times right now and hopefully 2011 will be a better year for all! Whatever your religious beliefs might be, whatever your nationality or…Read More

Rejuvenation of an Island Bird Protected Area

During the past several months, our office coordinated and participated in an energized and optimistic team of political decision makers, scientists, Andros Island stakeholders and project managers that jointly prepared a funding application for the creation…Read More

Marine Conservation News from Around the World.

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A World United in Its Wisdom

A World United in Its Wisdom One tenet upon which we can all agree, regardless of our ethnic origin, is the importance of ensuring that we, as citizens of our respective countries, can live in peace and security with available employment, food safety, fresh…Read More


Dear Friends: It is hard to believe that one year has passed since my partner and I initiated the BLUEnature movement which has been embraced by so many people with whom we share common values and dreams that are most assuredly within our reach. Our…Read More
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