UK court throws out Maltese tuna ranchers’ case against Sea Shepherd

Nasce NaturaBlu, il marchio della responsabilità ambientale di Mareblu

L’impegno nella tutela ambientale costituisce parte integrante della mission di Mareblu, nonché del DNA stesso del gruppo di cui fa parte, MarineWorld Brands: leader europeo nelle conserve ittiche, è un’azienda integrata verticalmente, che può vantare il…Read More

Overfishing by European trawlers could continue if EU exemption agreed

..."The EU fleet's destructive fishing practices cost European citizens billions of euros each year in lost potential income and tax exemptions..."

We have just reached 500 members!

Dear members of the cause Save the Bluefin Tuna from extinction, we have just hit the 500 members quota! This is great news and shows how alarming the issue of the endangered Bluefin Tuna is, being industrially hunted to extinction by multinational companies…Read More

Scientists raise red flag on fish sustainability

An international team of scientists has discovered that the effect of fishing for tuna and similar species since the early 1960s has led to a decline in these populations by around 60%...

Tuna industry bribing Maltese politicians, says Sea Shepherd founder

Libyan tuna plan leads to call for fishery suspension.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011 13:44 CONSERVATION organisations WWF and Greenpeace today called for the forthcoming industrial purse-seine bluefin tuna fishing season in the Mediterranean Sea to be suspended. The groups, battling for the rescue of the “iconic” fish…Read More
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