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senate Bill S. Res. 355

Changing Senate Rules to Shorten Debate for Mid-Level Judicial & Executive Branch Nominees

Argument in favor

The Senate shouldn’t spend 30 hours debating the nomination of a district court judge or the Under Secretary of Transportation like it does a Supreme Court justice or Cabinet official. It makes sense to shorten debate for such nominees to eight or two hours, depending on the position.

Argument opposed

The Senate’s rules are in place to ensure that it remains the world’s most deliberative body, and shortening the amount of debate for judicial and executive nominees would irrevocably alter that. While there may have been bipartisan agreement on this issue four years ago, there isn’t anymore.

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    Why not put the words Can Debate for UP TO but NO MORE than 15 to 30 hours as what is needed for certain topics..!! USE Common Sense on what needs more discussion... COMMON SENSE...It ain't so common any more.