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senate Bill S. 596

EPA-Funded Grants to Aid in Restoring the San Francisco Bay (Senate Bill)

Argument in favor

Would aid in revitalizing the Bay’s historic wetlands and protect coasts from further erosion.

AndrewGVN's Opinion
I only support this bill, if the expenses of this bill only go towards environmental parts of the area (and not to fund road projects, or new transportation.)
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Alis's Opinion
It is important to counter the destruction that is ongoing.
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Scott's Opinion
Once again, I look at the nay votes and am happily convinced yea is the right answer.
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Argument opposed

Contains no new environmental regulations. The end date for the wetlands restoration project? 2063.

ArcherBroadmeadow's Opinion
California is building an unnecessary high speed train between San Francisco and Los Angeles and they want the rest of the country to pay for restoring their bay? Restore it yourselves.
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Siamopazzi's Opinion
Why give money to a state that just decided to put up an embassy in Moscow and inform us they refuse to pay taxes .Jerry Brown is trying to unlawfully take CA ! Wake up!
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Curmudgeon's Opinion
California has damaged the rest of the country with their culture and their socialist influence and rabid leftist Pelosi and now they are bankrupt to nobody's surprise. Why should Alabamans pay to fix the West Coast. Let it erode all the way to Arizona and we might be rid of them.
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What is Senate Bill S. 596?

This bill authorizes the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide grant funding on a competitive basis to conservation and restoration projects related to the California's San Francisco Bay. The bill retroactively authorizes the Act back to Fiscal Year 2013 and through Fiscal Year 2017. The House bill is identical. 


The bill affects conservation efforts relating to the San Francisco Bay.

Cost of Senate Bill S. 596

$15.00 Million
The CBO estimates the bill would cost $15 million over four years.

More Information


Of Note:


In 2012, the EPA spent $6 million on the San Francisco Bay, $300 million on the Great Lakes, $60 million on Chesapeake Bay, and $30 million on the Puget Sound.

In Detail:

According to its official summary, the bill:

Amends the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (commonly known as the Clean Water Act) to authorize the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide funding to state and local agencies, special districts, and public or nonprofit agencies, institutions, and organizations for activities, studies, or projects identified in an annual priority list, including restoration projects and habitat improvement for fish, waterfowl, and wildlife, that advance the goals and objectives of the comprehensive management plan for the San Francisco estuary… [and] limits funding amounts to 75% of the total cost of eligible activities to be carried out using those amounts.


San Francisco Bay Restoration Act

Official Title

A bill to amend the Federal Water Pollution Control Act to establish a grant program to support the restoration of San Francisco Bay.

bill Progress

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      senate Committees
      Committee on Environment and Public Works
    IntroducedFebruary 26th, 2015