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senate Bill S. 4606

Taiwan Invasion Prevention Act

Bill Details

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Taiwan Invasion Prevention Act

Official Title

A bill to authorize the President to use military force for the purpose of securing and defending Taiwan against armed attack, and for other purposes.


Taiwan Invasion Prevention Act This bill authorizes the President to use the Armed Forces to defend Taiwan against a direct attack by China's military, a taking of Taiwan's territory by China, or a threat that endangers the lives of civilians in Taiwan or members of Taiwan's military. The bill also directs the Department of Defense to convene an annual regional security dialogue with Taiwan and other partners to improve U.S. security relationships with countries in the Western Pacific. (Taiwan is self-governing, but China considers it a renegade province.)

bill Progress

  • Not enacted
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    IntroducedSeptember 17th, 2020
    The United States must be clear about its support of its allies like Taiwan and not allow hostile countries to think the United States and its allies can be bullies. If we want to prevent a war, then you cannot be ambiguous about what the United States will or will not do and give mix signals. Ambiguity is an invitation for misunderstandings and wars.
    Can we try diplomacy instead? Why do we continue to shove money to a corrupt Pentagon?