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senate Bill S. 2976

DHS Accountability Act of 2016

    I haven't yet perused all 148 pages of the bill (I hope my senators read the whole thing!), so my vote is provisional. S. 2976 DHS Accountability Act of 2016 A bill to amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to reform, streamline, and make improvements to the Department of Homeland Security and support the Department's efforts to implement better policy, planning, management, and performance, and for other purposes. Text: PURPOSE AND SUMMARY: The purpose of S. 2976, the DHS Accountability Act of 2016, is to improve homeland security by strengthening the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS or the Department) management and operations and improving accountability across the Department and assessing homeland security threats. Specifically, the legislation identifies new responsibilities for the Department’s headquarters management and requires improved Department-wide co-ordination to address homeland security priorities. The legislation requires the Department to report on certain homeland security measures, such as border security and immigration statistics, and requires homeland security assessments and a plan from DHS to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities. The legislation establishes new rules for the Department’s workforce, including strengthening whistleblower protections. Finally, the legislation requires reviews of foreign fighters returning from conflict areas and a national strategy to combat terrorist travel.
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