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senate Bill S. 1340

Should the U.S. Provide Assistance to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Address its Ebola Outbreak?

Argument in favor

The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Ebola outbreak is an emerging crisis both within and outside the country’s borders. Given that cases have been reported in both the DRC’s biggest city and neighboring Uganda, it’s critical for the U.S. and others to fully fund efforts to stop this outbreak and prevent it from becoming an epidemic.

Argument opposed

The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Tier 3 status in the State Dept.’s Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP) makes it ineligible for non-humanitarian and non-trade-related U.S. assistance. Additionally, USAID has already spent over $136 million since August 2018 to address the DRC’s Ebola outbreak so this bill is unnecessary.