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senate Bill S. 1221

Countering Russian Influence in Europe and Eurasia Act of 2017

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Countering Russian Influence in Europe and Eurasia Act of 2017

Official Title

A bill to counter the influence of the Russian Federation in Europe and Eurasia, and for other purposes.


Countering Russian Influence in Europe and Eurasia Act of 2017 This bill declares that the United States supports the "Stimson Doctrine" and thus does not recognize territorial changes effected by force, including the illegal invasions and occupations of Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Crimea, Eastern Ukraine, and Transnistria. The bill authorizes appropriations for the Countering Russian Influence Fund for FY2018 and FY2019. The Department of State shall establish a working group to administer the fund, which shall be used to: (1) assist in protecting critical infrastructure and electoral mechanisms from cyberattacks in North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) or or European Union (EU) nations that the State Department determines are vulnerable to Russian influence and that lack the economic capability to effectively respond without U.S. support, and in countries participating in the NATO or EU enlargement process; and (2) combat corruption, improve the rule of law, and otherwise strengthen independent judiciaries and prosecutors general offices in such countries. The fund also may be used for: (1) responding to the humanitarian crises and instability caused or aggravated by the invasions and occupations of Georgia and Ukraine by the Russian Federation, (2) improving participatory legislative processes and legal education, political transparency and competition, and compliance with international obligations in the such countries, and (3) building the capacity of civil society, media, and other nongovernmental organizations countering the influence and propaganda of the Russian Federation in such countries. The Coordinator of U.S Assistance to Europe and Eurasia shall coordinate efforts to implement, and establish metrics regarding efforts to achieve, such goals for fund use. The President shall report to Congress describing media organizations that are controlled and funded by the Russian government, and any affiliated entities.

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    IntroducedMay 24th, 2017

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