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house Bill H.R. 5021

A 10-Month Patch for Roads, Bridges and Buses

Argument in favor

Keeps 700,000 people employed for a little bit longer. Roads and bridges and other things you drive over may not fall down.

GabeWatson's Opinion
As someone who has researched our aging infrastructure I can say that this is beyond necessary. This is life-saving!
Samuel's Opinion
The US infrastructure is crumbling, why wouldnt the United States approve job creation?

Argument opposed

Defines kicking the can down the road. A 10-month temporary fix that staves off any real decision-making until well after midterm elections.

Kevin's Opinion
Reason why I say nay on this bill is because I believe that these temporary fixes is not good for the infrastructure of the United States. I believe that in order to bolster the economy and life style of the United States again is to rebuild or infrastructure. Rather then just doing minor patch work.
Nathank1989's Opinion
We need LONG TERM transportation infrastructure funding. It creates long term jobs as well!

What is House Bill H.R. 5021?

This bill would fund surface transportation programs through May 2015. The bill plugs a 9.8 billion hole in the Highway Trust Fund with $9.8 billion from the Treasury's general fund. An additional $1 billion would, in poetic coincidence, be transferred from the LUST Fund, a separate federal fund used to deal with gasoline spills from underground storage tanks. The rest of the costs would be offset by raising corporate taxable income and increasing customs users fees. 


The bill impacts the roads you drive on and the bridges you cross over.

Cost of House Bill H.R. 5021

The CBO has stated that this bill would transfer $9.8 billion from the general fund to the Highway Trust Fund. However, these costs would be offset by letting employers delay contributions to pension plans and upping customs users fees.

More Information


By all accounts, funding of transportation infrastructure has reached a crisis point. The Highway Trust Fund, the fund that pays for building and fixing things like roads and bridges, will effectively run dry at the end of July. A score of possible solutions have been put forth for filling the Highway Trust Fund back up. The Washington Post provides excellent overview here


Highway and Transportation Funding Act of 2014

Official Title

To provide an extension of Federal-aid highway, highway safety, motor carrier safety, transit, and other programs funded out of the Highway Trust Fund, and for other purposes.

bill Progress

  • EnactedAugust 8th, 2014
    The President signed this bill into law
  • The senate Passed July 29th, 2014
    Roll Call Vote 79 Yea / 18 Nay
  • The house Passed July 15th, 2014
    Roll Call Vote 367 Yea / 55 Nay
      house Committees
      Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs
      Committee on Education and Labor
      Committee on Energy and Commerce
      Consumer Protection and Commerce
      Committee on Natural Resources
      Committee on Science, Space, and Technology
      Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
      Highways and Transit
      Committee on Ways and Means
    IntroducedJuly 8th, 2014

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