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house Bill H.R. 459

Trafficking Survivors Relief Act of 2017

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Trafficking Survivors Relief Act of 2017

Official Title

To provide for the vacating of certain convictions and expungement of certain arrests of victims of human trafficking.


Trafficking Survivors Relief Act of 2017 This bill amends the federal criminal code to establish a process to vacate convictions and expunge arrests for criminal offenses committed by trafficking victims that directly result from or relate to having been a trafficking victim. A trafficking victim may file a motion: (1) to vacate a conviction for a nonviolent offense that does not include a child victim (i.e., under age 18); (2) to expunge records of an arrest for a nonviolent offense that does not include a child victim; or (3) to expunge records of an arrest for an offense that is violent or that includes a child victim, if the charges are reduced, dismissed, or disposed of.

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    IntroducedJanuary 11th, 2017
    Yes. The House bill (H.R.459 — 115th Congress (2017-2018)) provides relief for those that were forced to commit certain crimes.
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    I tried to find the text of the bill, so I could read it. Even doesn't seem to have it. By the name, I am taking an educated guess that this is for sex traffickers who end up being forced into prostitution and forced to take illicit drugs. Anything we can do to help, survivors of trafficking, to heal and recover, we should absolutely do. It's a basic concept, that if someone is being held hostage, forced into slavery, they are not of their own free will. The perpetrators should carry the punishment of the crimes they force others to commit. That would be the truest justice.