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house Bill H.R. 253

Family First Prevention Services Act of 2017

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Family First Prevention Services Act of 2017

Official Title

To amend parts B and E of title IV of the Social Security Act to invest in funding prevention and family services to help keep children safe and supported at home, to ensure that children in foster care are placed in the least restrictive, most family-like, and appropriate settings, and for other purposes.


Family First Prevention Services Act of 2017 This bill amends part E (Foster Care and Adoption Assistance) of title IV of the Social Security Act (SSAct) regarding, among other matters: (1) mental health and substance abuse prevention and treatment services and in-home parenting skill-based programs, (2) foster care maintenance payments for children with parents in a licensed residential family-based treatment facility for substance abuse, and (3) payments for evidence-based kinship navigator programs. Part B of title IV (Child and Family Services) of the SSAct is amended regarding, among other matters: (1) time limits for family reunification services for children in foster care or returning home, (2) grants for the development of an electronic interstate case-processing system to expedite the interstate placement of children in foster care or guardianship or for adoption, and (3) targeted grants to increase the well-being of children affected by substance abuse. The bill appropriates certain funding to Department of Health and Human Services for FY2018 for competitive grants to states, Indian tribes, or tribal consortia to support the recruitment and retention of high-quality foster families. The bill amends part B of title IV of the SSAct to reauthorize through FY2021: (1) the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Child Welfare Services Program, (2) promotion of safe and stable families program, (3) funding reservations for monthly caseworker visits and regional partnership grants, and (4) funding for state courts. Part E of title IV of the SSAct is amended to: (1) revise the John H. Chaffee Foster Care Independence Program and related provisions, and (2) reauthorize adoption and legal guardianship incentive programs through FY2021. The Government Accountability Office shall study the extent to which states comply with certain SSAct requirements relating to the effects of phasing out the Aid to Families with Dependent Children program income eligibility requirements for adoption assistance payments.

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    IntroducedJanuary 4th, 2017
    Yes more needs done to support children especially those in foster care
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    Because nobody should have the right to interfere in a parent child relationship. Cps. Is out of control taking children from their family's and then selling them off. It's disgusting to have a state organized agency, that has made a buisness from stealing children and selling them off. There should definitely be something in place to protect children and their families from falling victim. Children should only be removed if there is clear and convincing evidence of abuse or neglect. And if so then criminal charges should be filed. If there is no grounds for criminal charges, then there should be no grounds for cps involvement. Abuse and neglect is criminal no matter how you look at, and last I checked cps is not law enforcement
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    I'm always weary of something that says "and for other purposes." Be more detailed and then I'll be in support of this.
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    This system is set up to continue exploiting children... Stop behaving like like dirty salesmen and be honest for once!