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house Bill H.R. 1682

Jazz Preservation and Education

Argument in favor

Congressional backing of jazz would help preserve and promote this historic American art form.

Jazz is an important part of American history, as a truly American art form. It's important to preserve this and inform people of the history behind it. Our music is still influenced by jazz today. Please help preserve an important part of our history!
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Steve's Opinion
Jazz is such an important part of America's cultural identity, yet it's finding fewer and fewer ears. It's imperative we do everything we can to preserve its heritage and bring it to new and younger audiences.
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Cameron 's Opinion
Jazz is an art form that has come to define us.
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Argument opposed

Jazz preservation isn’t an issue Congress should be spending valuable time and taxpayer dollars on.

Joe's Opinion
I love Jazz. Millions of people love Jazz. I just don't love it enough to patronize it with my hard earned tax dollars. We have poor and hungry children and families out there. Louie Armstrong's music is doing just fine without government.
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Evercraft's Opinion
I love jazz, but I don't two-million-dollars love jazz. Seriously, people hoard music. Everyone has a massive digital collection these days, it's not going anywhere.
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Stormcrow's Opinion
I love music, but this is not in governments jurisdiction.
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What is House Bill H.R. 1682?

This bill seeks to preserve and promote jazz through a series of reforms. These would include establishing programs within the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History, such as the National Jazz Preservation Program and National Jazz Appreciation Program.

Specifically, these programs would require the Smithsonian to:

  • Record audio and video interviews with leading jazz artists;

  • Acquire, preserve, and interpret jazz artifacts;

  • Establish collaborative agreements with specified entities for the sharing of such artifacts;

  • Continue to recognize Jazz Appreciation Month;

  • Establish public jazz performance series at Smithsonian affiliates throughout the U.S.; and

  • Cooperate with regional organizations to encourage the establishment of jazz archival collections.

This bill would also promote jazz through education by requiring that the government allocate funds for this education and implement a variety of other teaching-based reforms. Proposed programs include a system that assists teachers in constructing jazz-based curricula and lesson plans, a Jazz Ambassador Program that promotes international cultural exchanges surrounding jazz, and the Jazz Artists in the Schools Program, which ensures children have jazz performances built into their early education. Overall, these reforms would promote, educate, and improve access to jazz by fostering an enduring appreciation for the American art form.


Jazz enthusiasts; American jazz associations; Smithsonian Institution; and the National Museum of American History.

Cost of House Bill H.R. 1682

A CBO cost estimate is unavailable.

More Information

In Depth: This bill, originally introduced in 2014, builds upon the 1987 landmark resolution that recognized jazz as a national treasure. In introducing the precursor to the 2015 bill, sponsoring Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) advocated:

“[This legislation] seizes upon the three goals stated in H.Con.Res.57 [1987 resolution] - preservation, education, and promulgation - and actually creates programs to achieve those ends…[This bill] fulfills the promise of that recognition, ensuring that our children’s children have access to the music that has influenced so much of our history and so many of our lives.”

Of Note: Jazz is a historically relevant art form in the U.S., one that particularly flourished amongst the African American community in the 1920’s Harlem Renaissance. The music’s improvisational style, heavily associated with individuality, helped serve as a counter to the increasingly popular Communist Party in the U.S.

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


National Jazz Preservation, Education, and Promulgation Act of 2015

Official Title

To preserve knowledge and promote education about jazz in the United States and abroad.

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    IntroducedMarch 26th, 2015