Bikers are evertywhere

News is getting out to slow and we need help to get the news out to help the slaughter of Bikers help me get the information outt,

MAC Motorcycle Awareness Campaign

Kill a biker, go to jail

Thank You

I would like to thank everyone that has joined our cause and for their support, we still have a long way to go but we are getting there. I have some great friends and met alot more on here. I started this up after my last accident that has left me disabled…Read More

Help for Bikers

Please watch the video and pass it on

Please see what happens when cager's don't pay attention to biker's. Send it to all your friends, I am a lucky biker to still be here with my love one's. I am unable to work and live in pain everyday of my life and unable to walk with out assistance, and cant…Read More

We need more support to make difference in the law.

I am still alive when I should not be and I plan to continue to fight to have laws enacted to help the biker community, all drivers need to learn what happens to a biker when they do not pay attention to us and how many people are affected by what they have…Read More
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