Tony's New Petition

Tony's New Petition I'd like to ask all BCR Friends to sign and share the new petition for Tony the Truck Stop Tiger. Thank you for your continued support in the efforts to help Tony. FOR…Read More


Hello BCR Friends We all know what a great home Tony would have had at Big Cat Rescue. I am still committed to do whatever I can to help Tony. The license Tony’s owner received from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is an annual permit. We…Read More

Help Big Cat Rescue Win $10,000

Help Big Cat Rescue Win $10,000 For A $10.00 donation, Big Cat Rescue will have a chance to win $10,000. Round 1 winners are decided based upon the charity that gets the most unique donors from Mar. 15 till Mar 31. Please take a moment if you can to…Read More

Please Join For Tony The Truck Stop Tiger

Please join a new page created for Tony The Truck Stop Tiger. The goal of this page is to keep Tony's story alive. continue broadcasting the injustice done to him, and gain the attention of…Read More

Support BCR With Your Vote!

Big Cat Rescue has been nominated to receive an Mpowered donation this week! Show your support and vote for Big Cat Rescue! ALL selected charities will receive a donation. Every vote is a micro-donation funded by Mpowered...Every vote makes a difference! Make…Read More


BIG CAT RESCUE IS GOING TO THE DOGS! Hi everyone, Hurley is signed up again in the Bissell contest. The last time was a test, but this is the real deal. Please vote for him. If he wins a donation of $10,000 will be awarded to Big Cat Rescue. You only need to…Read More

Last Day To Vote For BIG CAT RESCUE!!!!

Last Day To Vote For BIG CAT RESCUE!!!! Hello BCR Friends Today is the last day to vote for Big Cat Rescue in The Facebook Chase contest. Please vote at: The winner receives $1 million and…Read More
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