Well wishes from Bienmoyo for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2010!

Dear Bienmoyo Family, Our team would like to wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2010. In 2009, Bienmoyo has been able to accomplish several critical milestones. These accomplishments are all due to the selfless dedication of Bienmoyo staff,…Read More

Summer 2009 Update - From the Field

Dear Bienmoyo Family, We hope that you have all had a very relaxing and enjoyable summer. I would like this time to sincerely thank all our volunteers currently working this summer on behalf of Bienmoyo. A very passionate and talented team of volunteers is…Read More

Observing World Malaria day - Saturday April 25th 2009

Dear Bienmoyo Family, Thanks to herculean efforts by mainstream advocates such as Lance Laifer and his many colleagues, we have become much more aware of a deadly disease that takes the lives of over one million adults and children every year. What makes…Read More

National Public Service Day

Greetings Bienmoyo Supporters, In the spirit of today’s National Public Service Day, Bienmoyo staff helped work with Tanzanian colleagues to prepare for an upcoming discussion this Thursday and Friday in Dar es Salaam, on strengthening care for mother and…Read More

Private Health Sector Study

Dear Bienmoyo Family, Bienmoyo proudly announces entering into a partnership with the Association of Private Health Facilities of Tanzania and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to complete a national market study for the introduction of loan…Read More

A Note on Global Public Service and Innovation

Dear Bienmoyo Family, Today’s US presidential forum at Columbia University stressed how public service plays a significant role in teaching each of us the need for responsibility and empathy towards disadvantage groups living in the US or abroad. Bienmoyo…Read More

Mid summer update – Asante Sana Bienmoyo Summer Volunteers

Hello Bienmoyo family and friends. Greetings from Dar es Salaam. I am very happy to report a successful launch to our Undergraduate Tanzania sandbox program. Both Bill and Lauren recently completed a stay of over 5 weeks to work on a variety of projects…Read More
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