Your Help Is Needed!

Dear Facegroup Members, We currently have more Bibles than we have funds to ship these Bibles to Christians that so desperately want a Bible. There are SO MANY of our brothers and sisters in Africa and India that have no money or no place to…Read More featured in book, "How To Be An Everyday Philanthropist!" is featured in a newly released book titled, "How To Be An Everyday Philanthropist." The book offers ideas how the ordinary person can become an extraordinary philanthropist (in our case, by donating surplus Bibles to our cause). If you have…Read More

Will you start a Bible collection effort in your Church?

It's time for spring cleaning and collecting surplus Bibles is very easy. Simply visit with the leader's in your home Church and ask to place a surplus Bible collection box somewhere in your place of worship. Then, ask that periodic announcements be made…Read More Cause Reaches 300!

The Facebook Cause ( has reached a population of 300. Please continue to spread the news and invite your friends and family to join. Thank you! Ross

We've reached 200 members!

I want to thank everyone for your help in spreading the word about As you know, we spread the Word of God across the globe by shipping used (surplus) Bibles to those that do not have a Bible and cannot otherwise get a Bible. This cause is in…Read More

November Membership Goal

Recruit 25 of your friends and family to join the cause by November 30 and you will receive a new Bible, donated by a local Christian bookstore. You can keep it or give it as a Christmas gift! Thank you for supporting!

Volunteer(s) Needed is looking for a volunteer to receive online Bible orders. Orders are recorded on an Excel spreasheet and sent daily to the office. Volunteer must have access to the Internet and will be provided with a personal…Read More
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