Good morning Friends

Dear friends I am so happy that our cause is growing fast. With each one person’s participation, I am sure the task I set up for the sake of helping poor and needy will become a easy one. First what is needed is to make a big group. So kindly invite your…Read More

Change of Emblem

Towards achieving the goal we are trying our best. Now we have done renovation of our dispensary at Bangalore. We are also trying to give more time to each patient. We are planning to extend our working hours. We are also changing our emblem as one of my well…Read More

New year wishes, Helping childless woman for the pleasure for pleasure their life

Dear Friends, My best Wishes to all of you and family “best of the best 2011, in health and prosperity” Year 2010 has been a pleasure full year for us; we had got a lot of success in our small effort to help the suffering mankind, Online as well as offline.…Read More

Please Support Bhadra Homoeopathic Forum

At present health care has become an industry than service. Ancient times, there was a culture in Kerala where in Aurvedic doctors called Vaidyar’s serve the patients with out expecting anything from them and medicines were given free to them. In turn the…Read More

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