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Honor the Victims of Sandy Hook: From Moment of Silence to Moment of Action

Please everyone......just take a moment. Wherever you may be. Set your alarms on your phones for a few minutes before. Everyone is busy this time of year. But those precious babies deserve…Read More


There is a new petition to get cruel traps banned. 100,000 signatures will land it on President Obama's desk


Wishing everyone a great holiday and enjoy your family and friends today..........And for all other religious beliefs.......just enjoy your weekend!  I respect and appreciate all the members of this Cause.

Please let J LO know the horror of wearing fur

Please go to Jennifer Lopez's Facebook page and let her know you will not support someone that wears fur!  Click here ( to go to her page. Please be polite, because hate hurts the cause. We are better than that!

Make your voice heard

Please take a little time and email or call(yes, you CAN call them) your hired politicians and ask them to put an end to the barbaric act of trapping. Make sure they understand they can't go wrong with the public's view when it comes to any animal cruelty…Read More

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