Stop explosive investments! New global campaign launch today

 Cluster bomb trade funded by world's biggest banks HSBC earned more than £650m in fees from work for Textron, US manufacturer of cluster weapons This is the Guardian scoop on a…Read More

Job opportunity: CMC Communications and Media Officer

CMC is looking for a new staff member to fulfil the role of Communications and Media Officer. The Communications and Media officer will develop and implement communications strategies; ensure effective communication of the CMC to key partners and the public;…Read More

Cluster bomb ban on track to become international law soon

Global treaty hits halfway mark as Croatia ratifies ban (London, 18 August 2009) The international treaty banning cluster bombs has passed the half-way milestone to the 30 ratifications needed for it to become binding international law. The UN confirmed…Read More


Call on Users to Sign Treaty Banning the Weapon (London: 12 August 2009) – Israel, Georgia and Russia were urged today to join the global ban on cluster bombs as members of the Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC) held events and activities throughout the world…Read More

This August, remember the victims of the cluster bomb attacks in Georgia, Lebanon, and elsewhere

Mid-August is a time to remember of the victims of cluster bomb strikes by Georgia and Russia in South Ossetia one year ago and by Israel and Hezbollah in South Lebanon three years ago. These major cluster munition users-Georgia, Russia, and Israel-refused…Read More

Nigeria and Jamaica join cluster bomb ban treaty

Great news: On Friday 12 June, Jamaica and Nigeria became the 97th and 98th signatories of the Convention on Cluster Munitions, just six months after the international treaty opened for signature. Recent signatures and ratifications of the treaty in diverse…Read More

What are you doing to ban cluster bombs?

Hello, Cluster bombs scatter up to hundreds of small bomblets over wide areas. These weapons have killed and injured civilians during attacks and their deadly duds have shattered lives and livelihoods long after conflict. Half the world banned this weapon…Read More
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