Book: Dance Lest We All Fall Down

Dear Members of Ending Poverty in Brazil: Bahia Street, Margaret Willson, the international director of Bahia Street, is re-releasing her book, Dance Lest We All Fall Down this fall with the University of Washington Press. The book is having its official…Read More

January 2011 Work Party @ the Bahia Street Center

We are recruiting a team of volunteers to join us in Salvador from January 10-21, 2011 as a part of our annual work party. In the past, work parties have been made up of individuals, couples, siblings, and groups of friends-- they all rave about their ability…Read More

Bahia Street Update - June 2010

FROM BAHIA STREET INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR MARGARET WILLSON I am writing this at early dawn, watching the pouring rain of this strange cold spring, one of the wettest, coldest I can remember. The intensity of the greens, as they enfold, a depth of green that…Read More

When It Rains, It Pours...High School Program...Summer Beat Coming Up

Friends-- I thought that it might be time for a Bahia Street update... It is the rainy season in Brazil, and the rains continue to cause destruction for those people who already live on the edge of survival. Pictures of floods in Rio have been shared by many…Read More

2009 Annual Report

We just posted our 2009 Annual Report on our website here: We hope that you can take a minute to read about all of the wonderful work taking place at the Bahia Street Center and…Read More

Bahia Street Annual Letter 2009

FROM INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR, MARGARET WILLSON Today shafts of gold slice frost-blue shade, crystalline winter, tentative warmth and bone-numbing chill. I have just come inside and my fingers are clumsy with cold. Such a change from Bahia. I returned barely…Read More

Bahia Street Update: November 2009

Dear Friends, It is time for an update on all of things that are going on at Bahia Street right now. Here's a quick summary... with more coming in December once Margaret returns from her visit there. 12 GIRLS NOW IN UNIVERSITY We launched an information…Read More
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