Call your elected representative in the AZ House of Representatives and oppose ESA expansion. Stop de-funding Arizona's public schools!

Stop de-funding Arizona's public schools. The majority of families choose traditional public schools. Contact your elected representative in the Arizona House of Representatives and say NO to the expansion of Empowerment Scholarship Accounts which will divert…Read More

Time to flood the Governor's Office with your email. Let it be known that the people of Arizona are disgusted.

Time to flood the Governor's Office with your email. Let it be known that the people of Arizona are disgusted. He most likely will not veto the proposed budget plan, but the Governor needs to know we are angered by this devastating budget.…Read More

Gov Ducey's Proposed Education Budget, if enacted, will have a detrimental impact on student success. Legislators must work to fully fund our schools to ensure student achievement. See co-signed letter from 233 AZ superintendents. 233 Arizona superintendents co-signed a letter sent today to notify legislators of their concern for the Executive Budget…Read More

ENCOURAGE YOUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE TO DEFEAT AZ GOV DUCEY'S PROPOSED BUDGET. AZ Gov. Ducey's proposed plan will add $100 million to private prisons and slash $75 million to the state universities. If Gov Ducey's proposed budget is passed, communities in Southern Arizona will be greatly impacted by funding losses to our students'…Read More

SPEAK UP FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT VOTE! Of the total population in 2013 (estimated 6,626,624), an estimated 24.4% are persons under 18 years (1,616,896)

Arizona is among the top 5 states in our country with a high percentage of residents under the age of 18. Their K-12 public schools and state universities depend on funding allocated by the representatives elected by eligible voters on November 4th. Your…Read More

Your Homework Assignment: On Nov 4 at the Polls OR By Early Ballot, Support Candidates Who Support Public Education K-12 and Our State Universities

Please actively support higher education and public education K-12 by voting. This is an important election year for the state of Arizona. If you are a registered voter, be sure to mail in your early ballot now before October 31st OR vote at the polls on…Read More

Midterm Elections Matter. . .Who will have VETO power in Arizona? Eligible voters decide.

ARIZONA Republican state Treasurer Doug Ducey is running neck-and-neck with businessman Fred DuVal, a Democrat, to succeed conservative Republican Gov.…Read More
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