100 recruits!!

Want to pat myself on the back!! I have recruited 100 members to the cause :) :)

Advocacy Awards 2010-2011

1. Kumar Niwalikar (Twice - for 300 and 500 members) 2. Antariksha Dod (Social and Media advocacy) , 100th like on ayushmantra page 3. Dr. Pallavi Patil (Social advocacy) 4. Yashvanth Bethapudi (Media Advocacy) 5. Anjum Kauser (Media Advocacy) Ayushmantra:…Read More

Happy Holi..

Dear Friends and supporters, Wishing you all a very happy Holi and a colourful life ahead. Ayushmantra once again thanks you all for the encouragement. Please spread a word about the endeavor and let us reach out to more and more people. Regards & Best…Read More


We need your support to reach 2000 mark. Every invitation counts... please recruit your friends to ayushmantra

Ayushmantra SMS channel

http://labs.google.co.in/smschannels/subscribe/ayushmantra Please click on the link to subscribe to Ayushmantra's SMS channel for receiving our latest updates and volunteer oppurtunities

500 supporters!

Manav Baluja - wins the lucky Prize for being the 500th member! Kumar Niwalkar, Antariksha Dod, Pallavi Patil win the Social Advocacy certificates! Keep watching this space for Media advocacy Prize - Analysis is on! Keep watching also for further…Read More

500 b4 new year..thats the goal... recruit...recruit...recruit!

Save human beings... the more supporters we have.. more the effect.. Please recruit and motivate your friendlists to join the cause.. Pavan
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