Our Old Nemesis

http://ayudagt.wordpress.com/2010/11/10/a-grim-reminder/ News from the streets of Panajachel and beyond . . .

Vaccination Campaign Update: Posted 3 Sep.

So far, we have raised $170 towards our goal of $3000. Thank you! This is a great start! Please, donate if you can and pass along this request to your friends. Our dogs and cats are truly in need of these life-saving vaccinations, especially with the…Read More

General Health and Wellness Wish List — Easy to pack items that we use every day!

Visiting Guatemala? Please pack up a few of these items that go directly to roaming animals that live in our region. These are life-saving items in many cases. * ­ Frontline, Advantage or similar monthly treatments for pups, kittens, dogs and cats * ­ Flea…Read More

Emergency Funds Needed

Dear friends, Our emergency service funds are running seriously low. We have encountered many dogs over the last few months that have required more than just sterilizations. CTVT, parvo and distemper are just a few of the diseases we battle daily and this…Read More

Homes needed!

While making our usual pick up in Santa Catarina this week, we discovered "Canela" and her three pups "Julio", "Juan" and "Juanita". As I watched in horror, "Juan" was almost made into a tortilla by a huge SUV barreling down the road. I snatched him up just…Read More

Blanquita Goes Home!

Selaine d'Ambrosi just posted a photo to your cause, Ayuda (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/295025?m=b92d4718): Remember Blanquita from the Las Cavernas feeding station? She was first discovered last summer after giving birth to 3 beautiful pups. They all…Read More

Happy Holidays!

Welcome to all of our new members! The Ayuda team thanks all of you for your commitment to our work. If you are looking for a last minute Holiday gift, please consider making a donation to Ayuda in the name of your family member of friend. Interested? Please…Read More
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