Happy Holidays from Aurora Picture Show

As the year comes to a close, the Aurora Picture Show staff wanted to share some highlights from the 2009 season. Thanks to our supporters, Aurora was able to present, produce or create the following projects in addition to our regular season of screenings,…Read More

Top Ten Ways to Support Aurora

By now, you have probably heard that Aurora Picture Show is in the midst of a rough patch due to decreased grant funding, underwriting and our unfortunate break-ins. Despite an amazing year with stellar programming, innovative partnerships, and our best…Read More

Vote and Give!

OK this is such an easy way to give... just vote for Aurora to get $25K in the Chase Community Program! Please vote and get all your friends to vote too! http://apps.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving/charities/743351?src=wallpost&ref=mf Also, don't…Read More

Help us overcome a break-in, purchase raffle tickets from Aurora

Hey everyone, As many of you know we have had a rough week with a recent break-in that resulted in a loss of some valuable equipment. The good news is that we have insurance, but the bad news is that there will be a significant deductible and it will take…Read More

Birthday Wish for Aurora Picture Show

Did you know that you can sign up for the Birthday Wish on Facebook Causes Application to encourage your friends to donate to Aurora Picture Show? Have your friends wish you a Happy Birthday and help leverage matching dollars for Aurora Picture Show. By…Read More

Support Aurora's Free Films and Artist Fees

Hey everyone, thank you for all your support. We need your help to continue to keep our artist fees up and our admission fees down. Aurora is committed to bringing cinematic experiences at little to no cost to Houston, while still PAYING our artists…Read More
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