Manchester Migrant Solidarity wants to

Demand the UK grant asylum to female Nigerian activist

Aderonke is a Nigerian activist seeking refugee status in the UK.

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Aderonke Apata
Aderonke Apata Campaign leader

Urgent - this is breaking news in Nigeria: Last week, President Goodluck Jonathan signed an anti-gay bill into law that would make having…Read More

Nigerians Now Face Up To 14 Years In Prison For Being Gay

The Huffington Post
* Bill says gay marriage, same-sex relationships illegal * Penalties set of up to 14 years in prison * Western governments urged Nigeria not to pass law By Felix Onuah ABUJA, Jan 13 (Reuters) - Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signed a bill on Monday that criminalises same-sex relationships, the presidency said, defying pressure from Western…Read More
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